Creative core is the leading advertising agency in UAE for acheiving signage approvals in the city. Our qualified team ensures that you are advised of the rules that must be met in order for your signs to be approved. Depending on your marketing plan, you can need sign board clearance for a variety of items, including flag banners, street parking advertising, hanging posters, parking garage ads, store directory, extra signs, promotional signage, orientation and wayfinding signs, menu boards and stands, unit location signage etc.

Signboard approval is only given if the size, venue, design, and quality of the signage are acceptable, according to experts guidance. When it comes to hoarding boards, which are usually very large, safety comes first. If proper measures for safe installation are not taken, hoarding board permission cannot be achieved. Public decency and local customs must be upheld in terms of substance, according to UAE rules. The government would not provide signboard permission to those that cause an inconvenience for the properties surrounding them, in order to reduce light emission and disruption caused by light. They must not only be made of strong materials, but they must also not be a fire hazard. Both electrical devices must be shielded and kept out of sight of the public. The signage clearance application must provide information about the materials, modes of decoration, and measurements. Along with the Permit to Work, the relevant NOC from the building owner or developer is required.

What promotions need permits in UAE?

A permit from the Department of Economic Development is required for any promotion held within or outside shops to advertise a good or service (DED). Other emirates must be approached by a reputable government body. Permits are normally not needed for wayfinding signage and show stands.

How to get a permit for signage/billboard?

Customers are not permitted to obtain licenses from the Department of Environmental Protection. Representatives of specialist advertisement agencies authorised by the respected government authority must file the requests. As a signage provider, Creative Core can conveniently obtain permits in any of the UAE’s seven emirates. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to obtain a permit on your behalf.

Issuing Advertisement Board Permit

Signs aren’t just for advertising your company. They have a significant environmental effect and can also pose a safety risk if not properly engineered or built. This is why you need permits for your company, such as hoarding board approval. The authorities have a zero-tolerance approach for anyone who does not follow the rules put in place for the city’s betterment. We’ve been receiving signboard clearance for all types of companies in the UAE for years. We train our clients on the rules for this reason in order to avoid problems with signage clearance. Since the authorities want to keep the sign’s integrity as well as its surroundings, quality management is a big part of these laws.

Creative core : Ideal for signage approval services

With our dedication to excellence, you can count on us to provide quality signboard approval services. Our extensive expertise in securing all types of permits, including hoarding board approval, means that the application will be accepted. To meet the signage deadlines, the Creative core team works quickly. Get in touch with us right away!

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